Though I am not a full vegetarian yet, I posted this because of the wonderful quotes from some of the greats in history and their thoughts on eating animals.


Even though, there are plenty of info on the health benefits on vegetarian diet.

Still they are so many people misunderstanding about it.

General perception on vegetarian diet, some might even comment: “Boring diet, eating grass only.”, “Lack of protein and others nutrition”, “Tasteless diet”, “why pay more?”, ” No enjoyment in eating……..” and many others.

I do my very best to explain the health benefits on vegetarian diet, more important, I would like to bring awareness that animals are same as us, they are fear on pain, suffering and death. Since we can sustain our life through vegetarian diet, why are we still want to change our stomach to be a graveyard?

Every time, my relatives will buy my parent lunch or dinner once they are back to home town.

They are so concern that my parent is not “healthy” after long time consumption of vegetarian diet.

Some might…

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