Windows and architecture photographs

Illusion Crumbles




Age has crept up on us

like a thief in the night

I think

as I watch the clock hands

remain stuck on 1:30

as I wait

in the third doctor’s office

in six days

with my newly retired husband

ill again

with the illness

that drove him

from his beloved work

with the poorest of the poor

mentally ill

and I wonder

as I worry

about him

how did he do it

and why

and why

did he marry me

taking my major mental illness

as a dowry

and I wonder

how did it happen

that we got so old

we look at people

30 years our junior

on the TV

in the waiting room

and think ourselves

like them

but we are not

old age has crept in

like a thief in the night

were we always broken

cast under a veil

of delusion

which now becomes

seen at times

as bodies

fall ill

and age creeps in

are we finally seeing

the unreality of the “reality”?



Song of Glass


Heavenly bird song
Coming from under my AC
In the torrid heat of the city
Who are you singing to
Such sweet sounds
Like balm to the soul
Are you sent by God
As a messenger
Of the Divine
Your song
A stained glass
Portrait of divine color
Before my eyes
Oh, gentle creature
How do you survive
In the harsh life
Of the city?
Thank you for
A few minutes
Of divinity
Coming to rest
On my fire escape


Seen Better Days


Dreary Winter Rooftop Pipedreams

In color…


and black & white


Window Views no.1

Consciousness manifestsa in a plurality of private lives

Windows into Worlds: The Lighthouse

   A night of mania with no sleep

 the wee hours on the computer

running on empty and

bordering on irascibility

my stirrings awaken my husband

 a pre-dawn breakfast and a visit to


The Saugerties Lighthouse at 7 A.M.


What drama plays out behind lace curtains?


A beacon of light from the Inside,

Someone stirs…