Street Photography


Blind Man, Sultan Batheri, Kerala, India


Headache in Alleppey Town, Kerala, India


Chai Break, Alleppey Town Market, Kerala, India


Shopkeepers at Start of Workday, Alleppey Town, Kerala, India


Bread Maker, Agra, Kerala


Alleppey Town, Kerala, India

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Ramadan! Happy Spring!


Sultan Batheri, Kerala Fruit Vendor, #2


Walking Tour through Palayam (Old Market of Calicut)

Que Bella

Urban Landscape

There’s been no photography nor poetry for months.  Today in Harlem on the way home from a beautiful museum these cityscapes caught my eye.  It is a beginning.  Maybe.


all that is born

A wonderful post, close to my heart, from Tiramit at Dhamma

dhamma footsteps

img_3877POSTCARD #244: New Delhi: Early morning light, people wrapped in shawls, long scarves bound around the head and tied under the chin. Dark faces, eyes looking out and they see me for an instant in a diamond eye-lock as I struggle to look away. They look with curiosity; I think they see me as one of those lost in maya, not in the real world for them, I’m living in a dream. They might laugh to themselves, but not in a hurtful way – I’m pretty sure they see me as a naïve person, like a grown up child, dependent on support mechanisms I pay for with an impossible wealth, as far as they’re concerned, removed from everyday values. They’re right, from where they stand. It’s true, and I’m in awe of them, their existence is unreachable. The actuality of their lives, I know nothing about. My ongoing practice…

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Street Life in New York City

Inspired by a post by Tiramit at Dhamma Footsteps

Have seen the plight of the working poor in India, especially working women in films like Ankur,” and in many other Indian films.  But it is not just India.  It is everywhere. And it is not just the working poor.


The belongings of the first resident to set up camp near a seminary and a church

A block away from our apartment in New York City is a tiny campsite of homeless people. I think of them every morning at prayer. I wonder should I bring them food? Coffee? Meantime, in shame and shamefully, I cross the street to avoid walking into their bedroom. I feel for them especially when I am sick and think how horrible to be homeless when sick. But actually it is a daily horror.  Only a scaffolding protects against the elements, the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. And know I could be there, too, if not for the grace of God.  For these people are most likely unemployable.  Most likely they are mentally ill, like me, only unlike me, unable to work because they are untreated and homeless.  My husband, a retired psychiatric social worker had many homeless clients who could not work and could not get it together to get disability.  These clients spoke of the horrors of homeless shelters and explained how living in the streets is preferable.

The residents of this little homeless camp seek refuge and food in the church across the street. As they huddle in comforters in winter and on the sidewalk in summer, I ponder their lot in life while we have our little lives, wrapped in middle class comforts.

And in the United States we have a candidate who speaks to the rascist and xenophobic of our country.  To our shame to have even running.  But he also speaks to the working poor who are failing despite working one, two and three jobs, to the people who would despise the people down the block because the residents are not working.   And he promises his followers a better life.  And they believe his fantastic lies.  Such are among the many problems of having an underclass of the working poor.

Seeking God in New York City

DSCF8435_edited-1Riverside Park and Trapped Nature


Political Wall

DSCF8440_edited-1 Home Furnishings in the Shelter of Union Theological SeminaryDSCF8447_edited-1

Customer in Local Coffee Shop Window


Twinkling stars, infinity sky
no longer can I see,
blinded by the might of
fierce night light in the city.
Now the universe  appears
behind closed eyelids
unbound by hour on the clock.
Energy fields in the sky of day
once transported me instantly,
now I battle noise and numbers
in the megaphone metropolis.
My private piece of sky to see,
sitting in the summer sun,
in the backyard playland,
sits now in memory
along with the macro world
of insects underfoot.
The infinity of the terrestrial lawn,
now is writ on microscopic cells
inside my convoluted brain.
Our little piece of paradise
Our little barn for sale
Home now the concrete jungle.

I will find God here, too,
amid the traffic and the trash
Overcrowded cities can
team with spirituality
as manifest in Mother India,
satsangs to the barking dogs,
insistent horns
streets full of homeless.
Here, too, a camp
one block away
reminds one of the blessings
of a dwelling and food to eat
and humbles one
amid serenades
not of crickets
but of sirens
and the cooing of pigeons
or the sweetness of a sparrow.
T’is true the Divine
is manifest in nature,
easy to see there
but He dwells here, too,
in the rat filled streets
among the humble
somehow majestically in
the lowest of the low,
I would I could see Him in
the Sadhus of New York City.
His mighty kingdom
lies within the Self
bursting within the heart.

Have mercy on me, oh God,

and please open my heart

to the Compassion within!


Seen Better Days


Dreary Winter Rooftop Pipedreams

In color…


and black & white


In the Belly of the Beast



10 years spent in the “Dungeon” with this as a favorite respite from work…

Dedicated to Ashley Lily Scarlett and Richard Guest

Window Views no.1

Consciousness manifestsa in a plurality of private lives

Rural Reflections

 Something poignant about a lone gas station out in the middle of nowhere.  

Edward Hopper caught the feeling  in a painting of a gas station surrounded by trees on  countryside road.

The reflections of the trees in the windows is a view of another world when set against the background of colorful signage, notices, and advertisements.






Confessions of a Distant Peeping Tom


A child guard, a tied curtain…


A single mystery…


Multiple mysteries…


Eeeerie figures…


Pink curtains (one pair knotted), flower pots, fans and pizza boxes…


A sense of history…


I always wonder

feel the drama


worlds behind windows


wish I could

peep into other people’s lives

not just from curiosity


in some effort

to figure out my own.

Fascinating Facade


 Fell in love with the ornamentation


A  closer look…




And TWO “third eyes”!!

Russell St. in Yellow and Green


 Saugurties, NY

Signage and blue predominate in the photograph above, along with activity on the right,  but the simple yellow dandelions and green grass and fire plug jumped out at me and demanded a shot.

Overloaded Circuits



On circuit overload

can’t turn off the current

despite parallel despair

know a fuse will blow

but can do little to stop the flow

mania and depression

together = paranoia


Exchange Hotel, Saugerties, NY

The Exchange Hotel in 1905

The Exchange Hotel in 2014


The Ritz it ain’t, but it is a 3-star hotel with a bar and grill.


Windows into Worlds: Bike Culture Up Close

 A closer look into the biker shop window in Saugerties, NY