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“As the thread is hidden behind the beads of a necklace, and as the dreamer’s consciousness is secreted behind the garlands of  dream images, so the Divine Coordinator remains unseen behind the dream lei of creation…  It is God’s consciousness alone that sustains all the dream appearance of creation.”


The Leaf Devoured


Water droplets magnify

the verdant veins

 through which

the life giving  blood flows

through which

the life giving source

that keeps

giving life


life going

despite the wear and tear

of an alien attack

by a catapulting caterpiller

that offers another creature

 a world within world

in which to live.


bitten tears,

bitter tears,

the leaf will live green

through the summer

and then shrivel to crimson,

life blood draining

and it will cry no more

as it drops dead

from the branch

where it lived

for a few short months.

Mid-March Reflections


What is referred to as the “washed-out” landscape

of March

is brimming with the glow of secret growth

about to burgeon forth

into a verdant folly of spring green.

The Crush of Paranoia

P1100419_edited-1 copy

A Glimpse into the Infinite

How many bacteria are on the back of your hand?

How insects are in the universe beneath our feet

or above our heads?

How many grains of sand lie on the beaches of the earth?

How many waves float upon the earth’s seas?

How many bubbles rise up in all the water on our planet?


How many planets, stars and galaxies lie within the universe?

How many universes are suggested by the Multiverse theory?

What seems infinite is finite.

The paradox…

We have a perception of the Infinite though we ourselves are finite.

We have a conception of the Infinite through our perception of the finite.

The spark of the Infinite lies within our finite bodies.

It is called the Soul.

Iced Reflections


The fluid, monochromatic, abstract form of the ice

Over the intricate, colored lattice work of the reflections of trees

Water in its various states each with its mysterious qualities.



“Thou art everywhere;

Where’er Thou art, perfection’s there” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


P1110313_edited-2“As the solid substance we call ice appears from water, steam, or hydrogen-oxygen gas, so the solid earth with its oceans and vapors appears out of the universe of Cosmic Energy” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda