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And the Skys Are Crying


The woods are crying
for they are bare and wet and cold.
Rain laps at the windows
as waves break on glass.
The last leaves fall
in this cataclysmic storm.
Relatives and friends hate
across a divide of evil
that each side sees
inside the other.
Fall is failing
as is our country.
We are in for a long
and harsh winter.

The Leaf Devoured


Water droplets magnify

the verdant veins

 through which

the life giving  blood flows

through which

the life giving source

that keeps

giving life


life going

despite the wear and tear

of an alien attack

by a catapulting caterpiller

that offers another creature

 a world within world

in which to live.


bitten tears,

bitter tears,

the leaf will live green

through the summer

and then shrivel to crimson,

life blood draining

and it will cry no more

as it drops dead

from the branch

where it lived

for a few short months.

The Light Beings


In the freshness of the forest

I like to think

there are beings of light

especially after a rain

dancing in the green scented air

some call them aberrations

of the digital age

but I think them not unlike

the perception

of fleeting flecks of light

seen against an empty sky

I marvelled at as a child

and was flatly told they were floaters on the eye

 floaters they are not

rather they speak to me still

decades later

in hushed whispers

of the mystifying mystery

of the air we breathe

and the light we see

everyday without thinking.