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Light Works

Light transforms the bare landscape of winter
To the delicate greens of early Spring
To the deep greens of the height of summer
and sets our gaze on the wondrous contemplation of light
Light is all.
Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam
sings on the spiritual
aspects of light…

New Life, Old Love



Tree skeletons

acquire accoutrements

each passing day

pale green regalia

not the deep green

of Summer when the

change in color

is so gradual

as to be imperceptible

nor the fleeting riot

of color of Fall

no, in Spring,

ephemeral  evanescent

slight light green

appears by the moment

right before my slow eyes

as I discern

shadows in the woods

a flash of white tail

deer fleet of foot

fly through the brush

dancing to the deep trill

of the wood frogs and

the echoing, haunted cries

of pileated woodpeckers

in the sudden density

of the fast-growing woods

inside the booming forest

whilst where I sit

at the edge of wood

bumble bees hum

and magically lift off

the teaming ground

and fly to the sky

where birds sing to mates

sweet songs of desire

in a crescendo of new life

as you have sung to me

for nearly thirty years

in an ever-changing

ever-growing love

whilst a breeze caresses

a newborn leaf

that tingles to its touch

as I thrill so very much

to the searching clasp

of your hand in mine

(As yet another killer, this time on the campus of Santa Barbara, California,  is identified as possibly having Asperger’s syndrome, I, as a Bipolar Aspie, offer this poem written to my Aspie husband for May 14, 2014, on the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary, to show that not all people with Asperger’s reach for a gun and are violent.)

March Sunrise to Sunset

A tribute to my beloved brother, Tony, who loved this song.

Denizens of the Deep


The marsh is melting


all the turtles in their hibernacula

deep down under the melting ice

will soon emerge

and the marsh will sing

the chorus of the Spring Peeper

and the salamanders will emerge

with the urge to murge

and joy and the life force

will fill the air

and lift the fog

enveloping my soul.


Last Weeks of Winter



Winter is weary

and we are wary

of forecasts

of yet more snow

and ice to come


Photons of Golden Light



Photons of gold

the tail end of winter’s light

up close

and far away

the tail end of the light of day

bright yet almost night

wafting with whispers

of a new season

a new reason

to live.

A Resurrection

DSCN2465_edited-1 copy

“Washed out” colors soon will be scintillating

and bare branches budding

with brown bush breaking out in full flowering regalia.

Mid-March Reflections


What is referred to as the “washed-out” landscape

of March

is brimming with the glow of secret growth

about to burgeon forth

into a verdant folly of spring green.

Transformations no. 2


“It is so interesting to see the marvelous evolution of complex matter from the singular consciousness of Spirit.  How intricate it is, and yet so simple” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda