Animal friends…


During our daily conversation with others, we can do our part to share on meat free diet, not using leather products, no animal testing, no shark fin…..

Whenever, I’ve a chance and the audience is ready, I’ll share on how much suffering that animals need to go through due to our desire.

Normally, half way of my verbal sharing, people already saying, “Please stop it, it’s unbearable!”

Whenever, I want to borrow them the DVD on ” how suffering are animals?”

The chances people want to pick up the DVD is so slim.

Its mean that most of us understood the suffering from our animal friends but we just can’t control our desire…

Whenever, people talk about nice meat cuisine, they are just focus on their own desire, own happiness and to satisfy their senses. They called this as “Enjoyment in life”

People just can’t imagine what type of “Hell” that…

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