Being Bipolar

Crazy.  Nuts.  Bonkers.  Loon.  Insane.  Cuckoo.  Delusional.  Psycho.  Bipolar.  Fruitcake.  Cracked.  Lunatic.  Whack.  Bananas.  All of these words have been used at one time or another to describe me.  Sometimes I am offended and sometimes I am not.  Heck, I even use these same words about myself but I try to use them to describe my actions not my being.   I am not Bipolar.  I have Bipolar Disorder.  There is a difference.  The English language is a funny thing.  Words have become so interchangeable and depending on the situation or person you are describing and your intent some of these same harsh words could even be used as a compliment.  That Bootsie is crazy.  She just cracks me up! 

Most people do not really understand Bipolar Disorder.  They believe it is a character flaw.  It is a medical condition.  It is a chemical imbalance.  If you have no problem…

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