Plastic, You’re Outta Here!

A heartbreaking problem…

Walking with the Alligators


Plastic trash on the Beach in Hawaii
Picture credit: NOAA


I have been wanting to address this Issue for months and with this announcement today,  it is now time.
The city of Los Angeles, my home for over 30 years, who is continually at the forefront and  frequently a leader in cutting edge everything,  has just passed the most exciting eco-friendly legislature in its history.
It has banned single-use plastic bags.
I can see Ed Begley Jr. smiling from here~
So now, how long will it take for the rest of us to get on board this Eco-train?
The damage done Globally by all kinds of plastics, cannot easily be assessed.
It  injures, affects,  hurts and kills so many types of animals everywhere,  that it is difficult to accurately measure its complete harm.
Birds, turtles, dolphins, whales and many other sea animals are all being found with plastic pieces, some quite large, that they have…

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