Despicable Deeds

Walking with the Alligators


Image: Public Domain

As an impressive list of Global Heads of State assemble in  London to discuss the horror inflicted on wildlife worldwide, our own country has just announced its own set of new rules to play by in dealing with this, or our National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking.

What is remarkable is that it is being staged in London where just days ago, the trio of England’s youngest Royals had just returned from a delightful  hunting  adventure.

Are the rest of us expected to say , “Oh, it’s  ok,  they are just carrying on an Ancient Royal Ritual?”

I think not.

These three quite privileged young people knew that what they were doing would offend many in the world and would most likely become front page news right before this important gathering in London.

They most certainly had to be  aware  of the controversy that they would be unleashing.

Doesn’t this all smack of…

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