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No Laughing Matter: a Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams fans mourn the loss of one of the greatest comedians of history today.  In this world of wars, and anguish, Robin Williams made us laugh.  

For Robin Williams was a most gifted comedian but Robin Williams was also Bipolar. 

His Bipolar disease fed his genius. It also killed him.

His Bipolar disease gave him the ability to wildly free associate right to the heart of our funny bones.  His performances were floridly manic but his alcoholism was depressed.  

In truth of fact, Bipolar disease often does beget genius but far more often Bipolar Disease is the cause of suicide.  The most deadly of all mental illnesses, we Bipolars see, and at times, enjoy the mania but far too often are caught in the black hole of depression.

And while fans may mourn Robin Williams, we who are Bipolar cry tears of anguish not just for one of our heroes, but also for a disease that could kill us.  

Like most Bipolars suicidal thoughts and wishes are not foreign to me, just as they are not alien to many mentally ill people.  But more Bipolars die from their mental illness than any of the other mental illnesses

Fans loved Robin Williams and ignored the Bipolar aspect.  Mental illness is still stigmatized and talked about in hushed tones.   

We who are depressed are told to “snap out of it”, “look on the bright side,” engage in “positive thinking” as if we have total control over our psyches.  If anyone could look at the funny side, it was Robin Williams and yet Bipolar depression sent him to an early grave.

Pay tribute to Robin Williams by accepting Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression and, instead of stigmatizing mental illness, treat the afflicted with acceptance and empathy.  

 May Robin Williams rest in peace at long last!!

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore at the Pub

Moonside has been filled with too much doom and gloom with the death of my beloved aunt.  In her honor I am adding a comedy video.  She loved to laugh and these guys are masters of comedy.  Enjoy.

Ducks in the Morning, Ducks in the Evening…

Thought Moonside could use a little levity on this Vernal Equinox Eve with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their Art Gallery comedy Skit that features ducks.  Ducks have now returned to theDSCN2431 copy

the few ponds and lakes that have defrosted, gathering in large groups.  I caught one lone duck apart from the rest– perhaps an Asperger’s duck (I think I can say that being Aspie myself with an Aspie husband).  Enjoy the clip on ducks from the skit in the video below.