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Hoping Against Hope

I just signed the petition, “Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.”  She won the popular vote by 1,500,000 and they are still counting.

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

 Thank you so much,

How Trump Showed Me I was Behind Bars

P1080675A letter to my dear friend…
Hi Anjali,
Don’t know how you are doing but I am out of control.  Tears and anger.  Never thought I was a feminist but now I feel like raging against the white male political establishment just as I  always raged against the white male medical establishment.  Trying not to take this out on Tom but he has treated me like a defective person at times, too.  A neighbor was raging against Trump today and I got all riled up again.  But he listened to Tom, not to me although I said the very same things. The more I think about this the more I think women are dumped on as much as, or perhaps even more so, than  blacks.  I am furious that the FBI investigator Comey got away with what he did though I think Hillary will make a case against him.  I am furious that no one listened to Obama.  That rural white women listened to their husbands and obeyed them.  I kept the word “obey” out of the marriage vows with Tom.  We wrote our own ceremony.  I am furious at my uncle asked me who I was voting for and furious at myself for telling him though I knew he was voting for Trump.  I am furious for him calling my candidate “crooked Hillary”.  I am furious that my friend John, with whom I thought shared the same values called the Clintons crooks, and that he, as a Columbia educated white male whom I helped through medical school, should be for the evil that is Trump.  I am furious that our male Latino super thinks he is playing me as a fool and treats me as a nice half wit.
  I am mad as hell!!  Sorry for the rant but I am a fool.  I didn’t know I was a feminist.  Now feminism is raging inside me.  Trump treated Hillary so badly.  It should be vindicated.  And instead it is cheered on by the red necks, the majority of white rural males.  Yes, even the police and the fire fighters, as courageous as they are, feed into the culture of male dominance.
Can you relate to any of this?  Are you feeling sad, mad, sick?
Excuse the very long rant.  I feel like I may explode.
Hope you are relaxing with John and not in the state I am in.