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Blessings of the Winter Solstice






Christmas and Winter Solstice blessings to all those who have visited Moonside and especially to those to whom I was unable to respond due to physical or mental illness, a HUGE THANK YOU!!  

And to all… may you feel the joy of Christmas no matter what your circumstance, color, creed or faith and be blessed by health, happiness and peace in the New Year!

Love, Ellen


Resurrection of the Light

DSCN0719_edited-2 copy

Tuesday was the first day of Passover and Sunday is Easter.  A holy season.

Below a holy song by Yusuf/Cat Stevens says it all — whatever denomination.

Fleeting Filigree

Moonrise through Filigree Trees

Winter is dying

and dead trees

are coming to life.

Your sap is starting to flow

bringing  forth birthing buds

of spring as

people clammer

for the greenery of summer.

But I love you most

when you are naked, nude, and vulnerable,

stripped bare of  beautiful-to-be sure

spring/summer finery.

I mourn your fleeting filigree

on this snow-showery day

of  comforting gloom and grey

and feel kinship with you

as you stand staunch against the cold

and stark against the feathery flakes of white.

I think you  most beautiful

in your bare-arm-intricacy,

and lace-like, linear patterns

drawn against a back-drop of sky,

as you reach for the Almighty.

Homage to Mondrian


Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a Dutch painter who believed in the spiritual in nature.  His art was an expression of that spirituality.  He believed that the trees, the verticals in nature, were the masculine principle, and the earth, the female.  Together the union of the male and female constituted the beauty of creation.  He started out painting vibrant trees and eventually wound up painting complete abstractions of vertical and horizontals with primary colors– very unlike his early landscape painting, but the underlying principles were the same.