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Alleppey Town, Kerala, India

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Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Ramadan! Happy Spring!

Veneration of the Lamb


“Lamb of God, you who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us!”

“What has happened to our instinct for unity?  The creatures know the rhythm of the earth.   They have not forgotten the oneness of which we are a part.  So in the Celtic world, they are messengers of Christ, the One who comes to reconnect us to the Heart of Being.”  (Christ of the Celts by J. Philip Newell)



“From winter’s tomb of lifeless blossoms, thou, O Christ, art resurrected in new buds of roses, marigolds, bluebells, jasmine, and worldful varieties of flowers.  Ever-mutating, multicolored flowers of lifetrons growing in the gardens of the astral land are fragrant thrones of thy Presence” ~  Paramahansa Yogananda

Hallelujah!  He is risen.

Resurrection of the Light

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Tuesday was the first day of Passover and Sunday is Easter.  A holy season.

Below a holy song by Yusuf/Cat Stevens says it all — whatever denomination.

Violet Reflections

Violet Reflections copy

Today the sky reflects violet on the marsh

as statues stand shrouded purple in Catholic Churches.

Today my eyes weep blue tears, mirroring the sky,

at the slights, the fights, the cruelty of human nature.

Mine but pinpricks by comparison

to the persecution, execution and death

of innocents, of earth, of nature

and of He who was known as Jesus.

Mother and Child


Proud mother,

smiling unmistakable smile

as little lamb, curled up,

sleeps safely beside her,

for now.


 both mother and child

will cry anguished tears,

 suffer a searing separation,

as they take little one away,

hopefully out of sight and sound

of mother,

to bring little lamb to slaughter

for a holiday meal.

Innocence Sacrificed


Newborn lambs

eat joyfully

and frolic freely,

 with abundant abandon

and love for life,

in utter oblivion

 of the upcoming holiday

for which so many will die.