DB’s Top 10 Effective Depression-Busting Habits

Living Well With Depression

Here’s my list (in no particular order):

  1. Fight the war on many fronts: Don’t rely on just one thing to alleviate your depression; bring as many weapons as you can to the battle. For example, combine medication with some form of therapy; add exercise to your daily regime and also add make time for relaxation or mindfulness.
  2. Be aware: Foster the habit of being aware of your mood and thoughts, “in real time”. Notice when your mood is lifting or falling, and try to pinpoint triggers for either type of mood shift. Also listen to your inner voice, and be aware of your self-talk: is it overwhelmingly negative, or positive?
  3. Reach out: Get yourself an appropriate support group, people you can talk to about your struggle. Choose these people carefully – you want empathetic, compassionate people. I especially appreciate the support of people who don’t always immediately try to solve my problems…

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