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Elephantine Love

Away in a Manger


Unmistakable pride

in the smile

on the mother’s face

bonding with her

babe asleep beside her

in utter security

in utter trust

of their caretakers

unknowing of their future fate

at the bloody hand

of man.


Instinct vs. Love (1)

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they say condescendingly

but it is not.


they argue

but it is not.

Science now knows

animals show altruism,

animals show love,

elephants, dogs, dolphins…

“Love” they say reverently for man

but it is and is not

Science now knows

hormones course through our bodies,

Oxytocin they say,

I say how clinical,

a dissection of love

   for man



A Hug Without Arms

Horses & paintings 006 (2)


Do they think because

we have no arms

we do not hug?

Do they think because

we have smaller brains

we do not love?


We hug

neck to neck,

chest to chest,

coat to coat,

in a warm embrace

of pure love,

a love as pure

as theirs,

perhaps more so.


They think

we do not love

because it makes it easier

for them to drug us

for so-called sports,

for their so-called fun,

and race us past injury,

and, yes, they even kill us

for their gustatory pleasure.


All we want to do

is love our families

and run free.

But we are willing

to serve them

if they treat us right.


Now I ask you:

who here is superior?

Within Blue Prison Walls…

love happens

 hugs and kisses

within the pen.

Love triumphant

over blue confinement.

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Nose-to-Nose Bliss