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Phantasmagoric Love

Out your mouth
come butterflies
fluttering all around the flowers
in the sunlight
Out of your nose
arises the scent of roses
a narcotic to the senses
And your embrace
exudes the air
of a crisp Spring day
with its smell of fresh earth
to be sown
Whilst stars fly
from your eyes
piercing mine
down to my soul
Your hair
the silky fur
of rabbit
against my skin
As your heart
beats out
a symphony
enveloped in
the aura of
scintillating sunlight
on a calm sparkling lake
I surrender to
your arms
in an eternal embrace
I am yours
in the land of forever

Dahlia Dreams


Drunk with

the nectar of you,

I fall into your arms,

helplessly inebriated

and sweetened

by your Love.

Monday Blues

A weekend together

and my heart

is filled full with you.

I am touched by our love,

warmed by your touch,

and mourning your absence.

I miss you & your presence

in our loving shelter

from a harsh world.

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